Cooperation and Communication

Business Management Division

1. Introduction

The Business Management Division has 6 employees, in which 2 have the senior professional titles and 2 have the intermediate professional titles. It was the disease control and guarantee office of Shenzhen Universiade which was responsible for the organization and management of disease control and guarantee which were carried out by Shenzhen CDC and district CDCs.

2. Main Responsibilities

(1)     The management of daily business of Shenzhen CDC, the organization of activities of business departments, and the arrangement of business between municipal CDC and district CDCs.

(2)     The construction of public health emergency response management system of Shenzhen city, the organization and integration of emergency settlements for the epidemic outbreaks, public health emergencies and other major security incidents, and the supervision and evaluation of the disposal process.

(3)     The modification of the work plan of quality control and testing business, and the quality management handbook. The settlement of complains of testing quality. The organization of certification of laboratories. The management of other related quality control works.

(4)     The management of preventive health checkups.

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