Cooperation and Communication

Personnel and Security Division

The Personnel and Security Division is responsible for the following items: human resources management, the enactment, implementation and improvement of rules and regulations, the recruitment, employment, compensation, insurance, accumulation fund, relocating, attendance, vacation, overtime, evaluation, appoint , dismission, award , punishment, personnel files of all the employments, the formulation and implementation of projects of human resources development, the registration and alteration of licensed physicians, the application of varied professional qualification examinations, the declaration, assessment, and appointment of professional titles, the declaration and management of high level personnel, the execution of practical technique test of licensed public health physician of Shenzhen city, the daily management of post-doctoral research workstations, the organization of medical examination and health care of the staff, the declaration and management of the official visits, the management of military personnel and retired employees, the security of safety in production, the safe keeping and specification uses of laboratory pathogenic microbes and dangerous goods, the supervision of property management service and vehicle parking, and completes other tasks assigned by superiors.

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