Cooperation and Communication

Information Division

1. Introduction

Information division has eight staff, which hastwo master degrees, four bachelor degrees, and two college graduates.The staff has one senior title, two vice-senior titles, two middle titles, and three primary titles.

The total investment is more than 3.53 millionRMB: Computer room and equipment 1.3 million RMB, IT outsourcing 550000, Laboratory system 800000, Regular project 340000, Software upgrades 190000, Remote video conference system 150000, Monitoring information security system for World University Games 200000.

2. Main Responsibilities

(1)     Public health information collection, statistics, and analysis. Center computer network maintenance;

(2)     The organization of all kinds of application software development, utilization and maintenance;

(3)     Implementation disease control subproject of"public health emergency information system construction project"

(4)     Responsibility for data collection, sorting, analysis, and report of the cause of death;

(5)     Center web site daily maintenance and upgrade; Center electronic literature databases update and maintenance.


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