Cooperation and Communication

Testing Services Division

1. Introduction

The testing Services Division currently has 12 employees, with 3 senior title professionals, 3 middle title professionals, 2 senior mechanic and 2 temporary employees. 1 with master degree, 4 with bachelor degree, and 2 of the staff major in health inspection. The division owns Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), 2 sets of high pressure sterilization system, 6 tables of high temperature sterilization box, 2 sets of automatic bottle washing machine.

2. Main Responsibilities

(1)   Accepting external sample testing work and services;

(2)   Accepting consulting of the related business of commissioned detection;

(3)   Responsible for sample acceptance, information entry, sample circulation and save; Auditing inspection reports, issued, issuing and monitoring data archive management;

(4)   To monitor , to verify and to add up the pass rate of the test reports and the timely rate of monitoring; to survey the customer satisfaction, etc;

(5)   Washing, disinfecting and outgiving the detection ware; Making and delivering regular medium.


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