Cooperation and Communication

Toxicological Laboratory

1. Introduction

The Laboratory consists of 12 professionals, of which, 3 persons with a professor title and 5 with an associate professor title or equivalents. 6 persons have PhD degrees and 3 have Master degrees. Currently, there are 2 postdoctoral fellows working in the Laboratory, and 2 animal caretakers who are responsible for the Animal Laboratory.

2. Main responsibilities

(1)     To accomplish the scientific research task and some special tasks assigned by the leaders of the Center

(2)     To perform the toxicological testing and safety assessments for the samples entrusted by companies

(3)     To undertake the toxic testing of shellfish poisons in the monitoring of food safety risk

(4)     To construct the Key Laboratory and nurture talents

(5)     To carry out the scientific research to develop new technologies, new methods and related healthy standards and specifications

(6)     To improve the existing technical platforms and strength their applications

(7)     To be responsible for the quality control in toxicological testing and the running management of the Animal Laboratory

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