Cooperation and Communication

Microbiology Inspection Division

1. Introduction

The Microbiology inspection division has a staff of 33among whom 7 are less than 30 years old, 15 people during 30 to 39, 8 people during 40 to 49 and 3 people more than 50th.. 7 of them are PhD, 13 are Master Degree, 8 are undergraduates, 3 are senior specialist and 2 are junior specialist.  We have 19 senior technical titles, 7 middle level ones and 7 junior ones.

2. Main Responsibilities

The Microbiology inspection division in Shenzhen CDC is responsible for disease surveillance, hygiene monitoring and health monitoring of microbial test and bacterial strain, collection, identification and preservation of bacterial strain; investigating and treating the epidemic situation of infectious diseases, food poisoning incident and responsible for related microbial test; inspection of health related microbial, special inspection, and commissioned inspection; product inspection and hospital disinfection efficacy test, and bacterial resistance surveillance inspection; guidance and training subordinate units with microbial detection technology; undertakes evaluation and research of the relevant infectious diseases and the efficacy of medicine; carries out relevant inspection techniques, methods, standards, and norms scientific research..

The division focuses on the isolation major infectious diseases pathogen in Shenzhen, developing identification and detection system, tracing of transmission pathway of emerging and re-emerging infectious disease pathogen; monitoring dynamic information of special pathogen genetic,  and inspection of pathogen genovariation and host compatibility; establishment of pathogen genetic database establish and application; diagnosis of major infectious diseases and newborn infectious disease pathogens, and establishment and application of nucleic acid database and standard serum repository.

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