Cooperation and Communication

Health Education and Propaganda Division

1. Introduction

The division of health education and propaganda, Shenzhen CDC currently has 8 employees, with 5 health educator , 1 librarian, 1cameraman; with 2 vice senior title professionals, 1 middle title professionals and 1 elementary academic. The division is short but strong, and staff cooperates with each other, carries out many different kinds of health education activities. The division equipped with SONY150P-3CCD camera and nonlinear editing system, which can provides normal audio-video works; Center Library and reading room is also located at the division, to offer the service of borrowing books and materials.

2. Main Responsibility

Health education and propaganda division of Shenzhen CDC arranges health education activities, develops and manufactures health education materials, carries out health education and relevant investigation, and undertakes the work of press releasing and public risk communication management; the division committed to the promotion of the Shenzhen CDC and cultural construction. It is responsible for the identification system management and implementation and management of large-scale activities in the center. The division established "Shenzhen disease control history" project; it also in charge of managing the Center Library and reading room, which provides significant activity photography service.


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