Cooperation and Communication

School Hygiene Division

1. Introduction

School hygiene division in Shenzhen CDC has six staff: one vice-senior title, two intermediate titles, and three primary titles. The division currently owns one set of IAQ detection system instrument for public places, one range finder, and two microscopes, and has 300,000 RMB special funds for the work of school health.

2. Main Responsibilities

(1)     Carrying out the basic and dynamic monitoring of students’ health status;

(2)     Carrying out the dynamic monitoring of the status of illness-induced absence, leaving school, and death among students;

(3)     Carrying out the dynamic monitoring of the environmental factors associated with students’ health;

(4)     Carrying out daily and dynamic management of students’ common diseases, guiding the implementation of prevention programs, and monitoring and evaluating the control effects;

(5)     Carrying out youth health risk behavior surveillance;

(6)     Carrying out injury surveillance and intervention for primary and secondary students;

(7)     Establishing and operating the student health monitoring information system.



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