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Nutrition and Food Hygiene Division

1. Introduction

Nutrition and food hygiene division in Shenzhen CDC has fourteen staff: five senior titles, eight intermediate titles, one senior technician, of which two doctors, four masters, four undergraduates, and three specialists and the following. The division has appropriate staff age gradient, reasonable personnel structure. For years, the division is engaged in the work of nutrition and food hygiene, staffs are all rich in professional knowledge and have occupation accomplishment. The department is mainly responsible for food safety, risk monitoring and assessment, food-borne disease surveillance, reporting and warning, nutrition improvement and nutrition promotion work in Shenzhen.

2. Main responsibilities

(1)     Food safety risk monitoring in Shenzhen: the division focus on food, which is mass and widely consumed by residents, which are domestic and international problems, concerning about food reflecting the safety of Shenzhen city, and indicative characteristics of pollutants in food.

(2)     Carrying out exposure assessment of residents' dietary contaminants and intake nutrients: according to the monitoring results of pollutants and nutrients, the division develops dietary exposure assessment, obtains dietary intake from different age and gender, and assessment of safety of residents' dietary.

(3)     Establishment of food-related disease symptoms, abnormal cases, abnormal health event monitoring, reporting and warning system: the division dedicated to effectively detect and recognize food-borne health hazards among crowd, and improve the information direct reporting platform.

(4)     Strengthening disposal capacity of monitoring and investigation towards food poisoning, food-borne diseases, and food contamination. The division is responsible for guiding subordinate institutions to carry out investigation and identification of pathogeny, assisting public health administrative departments to formulate contingency plans, technical standards and norms, emergency reserve plan, and carry out emergency technical training and drills. It is also in charge of training food poisoning investigation personnel, hospital emergency room staff, practitioners who are responsible for food production and operation of enterprises, and School Kindergarten Collective canteen about food hygiene knowledge and food poisoning prevention related knowledge.

(5)     Improving nutrition situation: The division aims at establishing nutritional survey and assessment system, carrying out nutrition and health effects, food nutrition level monitoring, controlling over Shenzhen citizen's nutritional status, in order to provide the reference for making policy. The division gives nutritional recommendation suggestions to different populations, to guide people with reasonable diet and chase health promotion. It uses variety of methods to carry out propaganda of nutritional knowledge, recommends reasonable dietary pattern and healthy lifestyle to the public, aims at correcting the unhealthy eating habits.

(6)    The division is responsible for carrying out propaganda and education on knowledge of nutrition and food hygiene for the public population. Dissemination of nutrition knowledge to the public population through various forms and recommendation of dietary patterns and healthy lifestyles aims at correcting the unhealthy eating habits. Carrying out propaganda and education on knowledge of food hygiene through various forms for public population aims at preventing a variety of food-borne diseases including food poisoning. 

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