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Disinfection and Vector Control Division

1. Introduction

Disinfection and vector control division in Shenzhen CDC has eleven staffs: one senior title, three senior vice title, three intermediate title, four primary title, of which one doctor, five masters, three undergraduates, one college degree, one technical secondary school degree.

Department of disinfection and vector control is the center of training, guidance, scientific research and service in terms of disinfection and vector control in Shenzhen. Its function is disinfection monitoring, evaluation and technical guidance in medical institutions, nurseries, disinfection products manufacturer and key industries of infection control. Furthermore, doing survey of vector population, vector monitoring and technology of control also be attributed to the department.

Vector breeding room, Specimen identification room, Specimen room, Insect physiology laboratory, Resistance testing room, Insect physiology and testing room, Simulated field test chamber are located in the department to carry out a variety of insecticidal device performance testing and do vector biology research.

2. Main Responsibilities

(1)     Doing disinfection monitoring and technical guidance in medical institutions and nurseries, grasping the work dynamic about disinfection in the whole city timely, then put forward some advice and comments. To provide the technical support for decision-making section and prevent and control nosocomial infections and communicable diseases efficiently.

(2)     Health quality monitoring on disinfection products and production environment of relative manufacturer regularly.

(3)     Doing survey of vector background and monitoring, understand the situation of the population distribution, ecological habits and seasonal dynamics of disease vectors in order to make prediction and take some propose control measures.

(4)     Testing and evaluating the effect of insecticide and rodenticide, doing survey of drug resistance of vectors regularly, to provide technical support and scientific evidences for disease vector control.

(5)     To provide technical guidance for the disinfection and vector control in major reception events and great natural catastrophes.

(6)     To research the taxonomy, biology, ecology of disease vector and find out the methods of monitoring and control.

(7)     To organize publicity and education work about disinfection and vector control, and provide consulting services to the public.

(8)     Be responsible for training, guidance and quality evaluation of routine business in junior health and epidemic prevention institutions. 

Consulting Tel: 0755-25632031

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