Cooperation and Communication

Immunization Program Division

1. Introduction

Immunization program division has 9 staff in 2012, including 2 masters and 7 undergraduates, in which there are 5 senior titles and 4 intermediate titles. The division is reasonably structured. All the staff possess solid theoretical foundation and rich work experience.

2. Main Responsibilities:

(1)   Assisting the public health administrative department to make the budget and management for national immunization project funds of the city.

(2)   Formulating technical proposal and measures for citywide immune planning.

(3)   Providing technical guidance for vaccine usage.

(4)   The propaganda and informatization management of vaccination.

(5)   Providing technical training, on-site supervision, inspection and evaluation for citywide immune planning.

(6)   Monitoring and investigation on the results of immunization.

(7)   Preventing abnormal reaction of vaccination and the disposal of related emergency.


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