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HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Division

1. Introduction

The division of HIV/AIDS prevention and controlShenzhen CDC currently has 16employees, with 7 senior or vice senior title professionals,6 middle title professionals and 3 recruiting employees.5 of the staff have doctoral degree, 7 with master degree and 4 with bachelor degree. The division owns a laboratory equipped with P3 level of biosafety protection, with apparatus of biological process cooling device, flow cytometer, quantitative PCR instrument, the ELISPOT analyzer, viral load measuring instruments, automatic blot instrument, nucleic acid extraction instrument, hemocytometer, biological safety cabinets, DNA thermal cycler, high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, desktop high-speed centrifuge, the nucleic acid fluorescence quantitative analyzers, ELISA readers, UV / VIS nucleic acid protein analyzer, automatic washer and multifunctional electrophoretic analysis system,-85ultra-low temperature refrigerator, high-pressure steam autoclaves, clean benches, refrigerators, computers and others, the laboratory have the ability to do HIV/AIDS confirmation testing as well as science research.

The division’s operations of sampling, inspection, testing, reporting and investigation procedure were recognized by China National Accreditation Committee for Laboratory (CNACL), and in strict accordance with national laws, regulations, health standards and the Shenzhen CDC’s procedure files and operating instructions. The whole staff of the division sticks to working principle of “scientific, fair, accurate and effective”. With the spirit of scientific scholarship and dedication for the benefit of the social development, the division provides warm, thoughtful, efficient, and high-quality services for the people.

2. Main Responsibilities

(1)      To make Shenzhen’s strategy and plan for AIDS/HIV control and prevention, provide the treatment and service management for AIDS/HIV patients; implement the plan and national strategy and policy for AIDS control and prevention. 

(2)      To collect and exchange information on AIDS prevention and control domestically and internationally, to monitor, analyze the AIDS epidemic trend and pattern in Shenzhen, carry out surveillance, epidemiological investigation and outbreak survey on AIDS/HIV.

(3)      To carry out AIDS/HIV testing and undertake AIDS/HIV laboratory confirmation, to formulate methods, norm, standards for AIDS/HIV laboratory testing, to provide quality evaluation and techniques guidance for AIDS testing laboratories in Shenzhen.

(4)      To carry out health education and behavior intervention for AIDS prevention and control, to monitor blood products, to make strategy and implement the plan to block AIDS/HIV mother to child transition(MTCT) in Shenzhen, provide techniques guidance and management of AIDS anti-viral treatment, methadone clinic construction, and voluntary counseling and testing (VCT), etc.

(5)      To carry out scientific research and special investigation for AIDS prevention and control, provide techniques support and guidance for subordinate units, hospitals and the district CDC.


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