Cooperation and Communication

Communicable Disease Control and Prevention Division

1. Introduction

Communicable diseases control and prevention division has a staff of 15among whom 7 have senior technical titles,8 middle level ones and 2 primary level ones.

2. Main Responsibilities

Communicable diseases control and prevention division focus on Shenzhen’s main infectious diseases’ prevention, control, and management. Management of diseases includes infectious diseases (except AIDS, STD, chronic infectious diseases and immune related infectious diseases), diseases that can cause the outbreak of epidemic of non-communicable diseases, important human parasitic disease and new infectious disease. The division is in charge of the development of major infectious diseases monitoring plan, timely analysis of the situation of epidemic diseases, and the prediction and early warning of infectious disease. The division is responsible for the organization and investigation of emergency public health hazards. It also arranges some regular infectious diseases relating professional training, technical guidance, and emergency drilling. The division take charge the management of the epidemic reporting of infectious diseases in Shenzhen, and the quality evaluation of infectious diseases report from medical institutions in Shenzhen. Another duty of the division is the management of epidemiology training program as the training base in Shenzhen, and responsible for guiding the Chinese field epidemiology training program participants to complete their missions. The division is also in charge of answering citizens question about contagious disease prevention.


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