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Zhang Shaohua

Brief Introduction


Zhang Shaohua

Academic Title

Senior Technologist




Disinfection and Vector Control Division

Correspondence Address

Shenzhen Center for Disease Control and Prevention, No. 8 Longyuan Road, Longzhu Avenue, Shenzhen 518055, China





  Zhang Shaohua is the director of Disinfection and Vector Control Division of Shenzhen Center for Disease Control and Prevention. He graduated as a master from Biology Department of Sun Yat-sen University, and then worked on disinfection and vector control in Health and Epidemic Prevention Station of Shenzhen. He is the current member of the group of vector flies biology of vector biology and control branch of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association(CPMA), member of the standing committee of the disinfection branch and vector control branch of Guangdong Preventive Medicine Association (GDPMA ), Chairman of disinfection and vector control professional committee of Shenzhen Preventive Medicine Association, Executive Director of Guangdong Pest Control Association, Adjunct Professor of Shenzhen Medical Advanced Education Center, member of editorial board of Chinese Journal of Vector Biology and Control. He had served not only as main contributor of the subject "Study of tactics and measures for elimination of lymphatic filariasis in Shenzhen", which won the third prize of Shenzhen scientific and technological progress, but the principal of many Shenzhen technical projects such as "Study on network construction and early warning models for drug resistance of main pathogen in Shenzhen" ,"Study on the relationship between breeding of mosquitoes and city planning and construction in Shenzhen", "Background survey of vector populations in Shenzhen". He has published more than 30 papers in national core journals, and compiled treatise "Species and control of Health insects in Shenzhen", which has become professional reference book for vector control workers in Guangdong Province. He had taken charge of the subject "Vector Control of Universiade in Shenzhen, 2011" and achieved good results; his two master post-graduates have graduated with honors.


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